Board of Directors and Sponsors


Mr. Abu Saleh Abdul Muiz


Mr. Muiz brings to the company 42 years of experience from the Finance & Management sector. He is the Managing Director of Hikmath Carrier Ltd. (Oil Tanker) & Director of Delta Medical College & Hospital Ltd. In 1972 he joined Shadharan Bima Corporatiion (SBC) and worked in various capacities before retiring as the GM in 1997.

Mr. Muiz is a Senior Consultant at Green Delta Insurance (since 2013) and enjoys an entrenched presence in the field of Insurance for over four decades. Mr. Muiz Graduated from Dhaka University. He Attended Chartered Insurance College London and received training on Munich Re, Germany, Swiss Re, Switzerland and Paris, France.

Mr. Muiz joined Green Delta Insurance as Director, Marketing, in 2001. Until becoming consultant he was Additional Managing Director of Green Delta in charge of HR, Marketing, Underwriting and Branch control and afterward served as Advisor to the Green Delta Insurance.

Mr. Md. Rakib Sadi


Mr. Rakib Sadi currently holds the esteemed position of Chief Executive Officer within the company. His journey began in 2012 when he joined as an Assistant Manager, steadily advancing to assume the role of CEO. With an accomplished track record, he has adeptly handled IPOs, rights issues, and debt securities for various organizations and financial institutions.


A graduate of Brunel University, Mr. Sadi completed his MSc in International Money Finance and Investment, distinguishing himself in a research-based, esteemed institution in the UK. His ascension to a core member within the company reflects his invaluable contributions. Under his guidance, the company has reaped significant benefits.


With expertise in equity financing, corporate advisory, and capital restructuring, Mr. Sadi is a seasoned investment banker. He has participated in numerous training programs focused on capital markets, enhancing his knowledge and skill set.

Mr. Nazim Tazik Chowdhury


Mr. Nazim Tazik Chowdhury is Director of Alpha Capital Management Limited as well as a Director of Progressive Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Mr. Nazim Tazik Chowdhury, (DoB: 31 December 1957) hails from a respectable family of Badeswar of Sylhet. At present he is DMD in Green Delta Insurance Co. Ltd. He has 20 years’ work experience in insurance as well as capital market of Bangladesh.

Mr. Chowdhury started his career in 1972 with the Janata Insurance Co. Ltd and in the same year he was absorbed in the Sadharan Bima Corporation and served till 1985. He has been in the field of insurance for well over three decades. Mr. Chowdhury joined Green Delta Insurance Co. Ltd as an Accounts Executive in 1986 and was subsequently re-designated as Deputy Managing Director in 2008. He monitors the important departments of the Company such as finance and accounts and human resources.

Mr. Shelly A Mubdi


Mr. Shelly Mubdi graduated in 1960 from Dhaka University in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and MPA from University of Sydney, Australia and started his career as pharmacist in Australia. Upon return he joined as General Manager in ICI pharmaceuticals, Pakistan. Then served as general Manager of ICI, London. He also served as adjunct professor in the Dhaka University Pharmacy Department. Presently he is the member of the Board of Trustee of East West University, Dhaka.

Mrs. Luthfunnaher Begum, M.Sc


Mrs. Luthfunnaher Begum (DoB: 31 December 1959) completed M.Sc in Psychology from Dhaka University. She is a renowned Psychologist as well as Chairman of Monobikash Mental Health Support Center.

Mrs. Benazir Mostafa


Mrs. Benazir Mostafa (DoB: 19 August 1982) completed Computer Science from Stamford University Bangladesh and working in different business organization as IT consultant. Her interpersonal skill and management quality are always effective to our company’s performance.

Mrs Chowdhury Farkandah Shah


Mrs Chowdhury Farkandah Shah is a non-resident Bangladeshi. She lives in the UK. She was the founder director of Progressive Life Insurance Co. Ltd. She is the director of Alpha Capital Management Limited. She is engaged with social and philanthropic activities.

Mrs. Farjana Kamal


Mrs. Farjana Kamal is a non-resident Bangladeshi and currently serving the board of Alpha Capital Management Limited as Director. She lives in the UK. She was also the founder director of Progressive Life Insurance Co. Ltd. She is engaged with social and philanthropic activities.​

Mr. Shabbir Ahmed Mubin, M.Sc


Mr. Shabbir Ahmed Mubin (DoB: 27 January 1982) is actively involved in the financial market of Bangladesh. He was also a sponsor director of NRBC Bank. He has played an important role in introducing agent banking in Bangladesh. He is an experienced professional in Telecom & Banking Sector.

Shabbir Ahmed Mubin is a Lecturer of Department of Accounting and Finance at North South University. He received his MSc in Accounting, Finance and Management from University of Bristol, UK. His dissertation work in MSc was “A Study on Energy Pricing in UK”.

Prior to joining academia, he worked for Grameen Phone Ltd. (a subsidiary of Telenor, Norway). He also taught at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh as a faculty member (adjunct).